Finding a Gardener in West London

In pursuing for the right gardener or garden service provider to perform the task you would like done, here are a few tips:

Best search tool: the Internet. Gardening and landscaping websites can be visited for you to get the information you need. Their websites indicate their services, experience and contact information. The website’s design can also tell you their position in the industry. Look for testimonials to review the work done by the gardener.

Call the gardener. Your search does not end in the Internet. The website provides the contact number so call them. Talking to them is a further assessment of the level of professionalism they provide as well as the experience they have.

Ask for a written proposal. The proposal will tell you the breakdown and cost of the gardener’s assessment and help you decide who to hire eventually.

Know what you want. Gardeners may have all the answers to your questions but the bottomline is, you need to have a clear picture of what you want to do with your space. This way, tasks are set and you will be comfortable with the thought that once you have relayed your plan to a gardener, they can give you the best suggestion.

If you require assistance in planning and designing your space at home then why  not look for West London gardeners in your area. You can compare and note reviews plus get free consultation to discuss services.

Landscape gardeners that cover Chelsea offer not only landscaping and gardening consultation and installation but also maintenance services. It is of utmost importance that trimming, weeding, cutting of shrubs and more are maintained periodically for you to be able to benefit from the beauty of your garden.


Container Gardening

Container Gardening is popular not only to urban dwellers but to seasoned gardeners as well because it brings out creativity specially when planning and creating designs for a container garden. The ideas are limitless and plants in containers are really beautiful to look at.

This type of gardening has a lot of plus points:

  • Plants can be tested with container gardening
  • Enjoy a garden in a limited space
  • Plant almost anything in a container garden
  • Containers can be moved where the sun is


Steps to Container Gardening:

1. Pots/Containers:

If you plan to put the containers under a full sun, plastic and wooden pots can be harmful as plastic can be destroyed by the sun. A fiberglass pot can keep the moisture even when exposed to the sun all day. A ceramic or stone pots are good options but they need to be taken inside during winter as the cold season is not as sympathetic to wooden pots. Pots need to have holes to drain water. No matter how pretty a pot is but no holes are seen at the bottom, it would be useless to purchase them.

2. Soil

Some peats can be expensive and many that are sold in the market are non-renewable. Check the chemical content of soil mix as well. For a DIY container soil, you can mix your own by mixing organic peats, compost and worm castings.

If you have decided to buy peat moss, pour warm water into the mix as peats easily absorb warm water.

3. Choosing Plant ideas

Plants that survive in the same soil and light conditions are best combinations. Consider size, texture colour and lighting as well.




green onions

green onions

images (6)


potato container











white cyclamen

white cyclamen

Combined Plants in Containers:


images (5)





Organic Gardening


The term per se may sound small and insignificant but numbers show that 15 million organic gardens exist all over UK.

You’ve been attempting to eat more organic foods, both to minimize the quantity of chemicals you and your family take in, and to assist secure the atmosphere from overloading with harmful chemicals. But organics could get a bit costly, we understand. Fortunately, there’s a method to increase your very own tasty, fresh production, while enjoying and learning organic gardening at the same time.

It is possible to work with an individual to set up and maintain a gorgeous organic garden for you. Bear in mind, you could start small, even with just a solitary plant or two.

Organic gardening suggests you will not be utilizing synthetic plant foods or chemicals, however that doesn’t imply your plants are left to take care of themselves. There are a range of tools you could make use of to strengthen plant wellness and ward off pests. Organic horticulture additionally isn’t really simply regarding exactly what you do not do, it has to do with attempting to cultivate a more holistic, natural environment.

Gardening with Children

Long time ago, children were consistently part of  working in the yard. When the vegetable garden was an important part of putting meals on the table, the entire family took part in its harvest, planting and upkeep.

Today’s young people stay indoors more often and have restricted direct exposure to the outdoors, and yards particularly.

Research consistently show the importance of having children hang around outdoors. The good effects of outdoor time include much better health and socializing, in addition to improved interest and emphasis. Kids who are involved in increasing vegetables are much more likely to eat them.

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Kids like borders along with ownership. That is why yards with edging or fencings, are terrific for youngsters. They value their own space. It also offers them instructions and keepings them, if you decide on, out of your space. Consider the numerous perks of organics, specifically when you are bringing a child into the mix. You wish to feel great about them roaming among the plants and stimulating the soil. You desire them to be subjected to nature, not toxins.

Think about fun and easy-to-grow plants. Radishes grow in a flash, and pumpkins go crazy and offer autumn enjoyable. Large seeds are less complicated for little fingers to handle. Points you can select and eat right off the vine, like sweets breeze peas or berries are nice. Plants that get high, like sunflowers, amaze adults and youngsters alike. Plants that draw in birds and butterflies include new subjects to discover around and share.

You can get child-sized garden tools, gloves, as well as small wheelbarrows. You could construct a trellis and grow a fantastic hiding spot or passage covered with vines.

There are so numerous enjoyable points you could do to lure a youngster outside, however truly most kids will certainly be pleased to invest time outside, if an adult is joining them. For a youngster to get filthy digging, to obtain wet messing about with a sprinkling or the tube can, or to try a tomato warmed by the sunlight; these are great points. Taking a rest with each other, holding a bug in the hand of your hand, stretched in the yard thinking pictures in the clouds, or discussing an awesome beverage, these are the sort of tasks that develop relationships and memories.

Again and again, teachable moments will certainly provide themselves while you are with each other. For in fact, it is time well spent.